Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Symmetry has been one of my favorite refuges for years, but I've let my notes and models get crowded out by my many new fascinations. Blocks, cornbread, and Flatware County history have had a lot more attention lately than the next possibly cool polyhedra, but the old flame still smolders.

  By the time Djuana sent me the "Sacred Geometry" link back in 2008 (no longer active), I had put models aside for awhile and mostly just made things I could keep or share out of my new favorite shapes. I even made some giant plankton and pollen grains out of ceramic. Recently while I was digging through old files I discovered a printout of the Cyclocentric Polyhedra pages. I remember thinking these might lead to some fun pillows, but the article was long and the renderings of the five shapes it featured looked like the assembly process would be a bit of a wrestling match. Using the illustrations from the article, I cleaned up a face and printed one for a pattern as big as possible on my printer. Sure enough, it fought me most of the way and looks wadded up after completion. Ought to make a bizarre pillow!


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