Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tension Builds Where 2 Meets 3 On A Bias

The marking went a little weird. Canvas doesn't seem to stretch much, but carefully marked with templates mated to their reflected shape were gaining or loosing a quarter inch or more when pinned from one end or the other. All this chasing and pulling of the edge itself distracted me for a seam or two from the ground rules of fabric, it usually stretches but seldom evenly. Point control using pins had gotten me trough walking fabric before, but hitting one is easy and several kinds of a drag. Starting at the ends and working in potential errors are absorbed through compression or stretch over the whole edge. I liked these clamps better than pins. No poking accidents, and they're easy to not sew over.
 There's nothing mysterious about cutting on the bias, but it's been awhile since my last polyhedra pillow. Strange as they felt in the sewing, they came out great. They're about 14 inches in diameter, natural cream canvas about as thick as my jeans. The canvas makes such a tough pillow form they'll keep for now.

I'll probably get cyclocentrical some more later, but for now I've got a couple of more odd fish to fry first.

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