Thursday, December 19, 2013


I was scrolling through the shapes in Poly for some other interesting shapes that would use triangles and squares the same colors as Madi's pillow.
Cuboctahedron, in the Archimedian Solids looked cube-simple. At fourteen sides it looks a little simpler than it really is. In it's cyclocentric form, this model has a fairly high wad-factor. I unfortunately got lost and had to rip out a number of well sewn seams before I finally got it straightened out. I referred often to a paper peel-model from the printer. Models may not be good for much but they've  really gotten me craving to see one that's built soft, stuffed full enough to see what does as it puffs toward an even more spherical shape. The edges on the cyclocentric cuboctahedron and those of the fleece gyrobifistigium were both nine inches, so I had make new templates.
   I never could run the networks very far, but looking at the sample nets on the cyclocentric pages
I managed to ape enough on my patched together poster board to get some accurate seeming patterns.

 The denim triangles saved the day when I ran out of canvas and had to use old jean legs.

    I was looking for cubocta look-a-likes, when I found the snub square antiprism, J85 in the Johnson Solids. With twenty six sides, twenty four of them triangular it's got lots of edges to wiggle. Ouch, that's twelve more than I bought fabric for. Once again, a more careful examination would have saved time. It looks like after Christmas before this reveal.

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